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Virgin Remy Hair
Virgin Remy Human hair extensions are those which are original hair obtained direct from temples. They are single head shave, in which all cuticles are intact and aligned in single direction and is unprocessed and no chemical treatment applied. Since they are not dyed, their colour is 100% natural. We can dye or bleach these hairs ourselves. Virgin Hair strength is comparatively more than dyed Remy Hair. We source them direct from temples of India and use man power to sort out and remove all dyed and grey hair so that we can provide our customers 100% natural colour Virgin Hair and manufacture virgin hair extensions.

These hairs are then washed with normal shampoo and conditioner using soft water. Our Virgin hair textures are natural. We get variety of textures from different temples of India. These are of varied types such as Natural Straight Virgin hair, Natural Wavy Virgin hair and Natural Curly Virgin hair. Our Virgin Remy Human hair product enhances ladies beauty and helps them in their personal hair care.

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