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Q:1 If I use my hair and next day it gets tangled? What will be the possible solution?
Ans : Dear, hair tangle next day , it means it's been scrunched ,hair tangles only in two conditions:
a). When it is dirty.
b). When it's been scrunched.
While sleeping either you braid your hair or put scarf or wig cap on the head so that hair don't get matted or scrunched. In the morning just detangles them using fingers slowly and uses HSE leave on spray to organise hair again.

Q: 2 If I Can't wash my hair as i don't have time to wash , what should I do?
Ans: If you don/ have time to wash daily you can wash at least once in a week Use HSE leave on spray daily to organise hair.

Q:3 Sometimes After washing curly hair, it loses texture what should I do?
Ans: When you wash hair, water has weight so the curls becomes waves during washing, but when the hair is dried, it turns to curls again, or you can use rollers, curlers to make them curly again.

Q:4 If I want to change colour . which hair should i use?
 Ans: If you want to change the colour, you should use virgin hair, in virgin hair there is no dyed hair, so it can be bleached up to light colour.

Q:5 Sometimes While brushing hair, hair starts falling, what is the solution?
Ans: Don't brush your hair hard , it will break the hair, Always use wide toothed comb and comb hair during 10% wet . Not completely dry hair. HSE gives you guarantee for no shedding. That you can check from stitching side, try to take out single hair from stitches , if it breaks there is no shedding but if it slips there is shedding .This is the only way to check shedding.

Q:6 How frequently should i wash the hair?
Ans: You should wash your hair at least once in a week or 10 days. As when you go out wearing the hair, it comes in contact with dry air and dust outside which stick on the hair make its appearance harder and it needs washing . When you wash your dry hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner the hair becomes soft and smooth like it was earlier.

Q:7 How should we maintain shine and lustre of hair?
Ans: For maintaining the same shine and lustre, conditioning is necessary .Good quality conditioner has all the ingredients useful for the hair to make it soft Also you can use serum (only 1-2 drops) to make it shiny .HSE provide all washing products desirable for hair.

Q:8 If I wash my hair regularly , i get insects on the head, what should I do prevent it?
Ans: Insects produce only when your stitches couldn't dry properly. So dry them properly. Don/ pack the hair wet. HSE machine weft stitches are very fine I guarantee you for no insects produce, if you dry them properly.

Q: 9 I believe Human Hair is good, but why sometime it doesn't remain same after two weeks?
Ans: If you use hair till two weeks it means you are going out with it also . Outside there is dust and sweat may occur when it is hot. Which makes the hair harder and it doesn't appear same like before.

Q:10 In our country, people don/ want to wash the hair, Do you have any solution?
Ans: Please tell your people to wash the hair at least within 10 days. If they don't wash the hair will not appear same as before. Also one more solution is steam; you can give steam to the hair for 10-15 mts. which makes the hair softer. After taking steam, you can use HSE leave on spray to make them soft & shiny.

Q:11 Which oil should we use for human hair? 
Ans: Oil is good for human hair, but too much oil is bad also. It makes the hair sticky. I prefer serum more than oil. You can try HSE serum. It makes the hair shiny and smooth

Q:12 If I can't wash the hair, which texture should I use?
Ans: If you can/ wash the hair regularly, I prefer you to take straight or slight waves. You shouldn't use curly or deep curly, as curly hair needs more care and washing than straight or wavy.

0:13 How can you guarantee your hair is original?
Ans: We guarantee you its 100% original human hair, as it's been lab tested after every month. Also, you can test yourself in any lab. Moreover by burning, the hair smells like mutton, which means they are original you can mash the burnt part, it becomes ash. But synthetic hair becomes hard on burning it smells like plastic and you can/ mash it at all

Q:14 When we wash our hair: stitching becomes loose. and we don/ wash regularly so what should we do?
Ans: Yes, during washing, stitching becomes loose so I suggest you not to scrunch hair through stitching area. It makes stiches loose, gently wash stitching area of weft scrunching hair is not good for stitching & hair itself. We recommend you to wear a swim cap during swimming.

Q:15 How long your hair extensions lasts?
Ans: If you take care, by regular washing and conditioning, our hair extensions lasts for several years. We give guarantee for it but if you don't use it properly like never wash, leave them open during sleeping , brushing hard, using blow dryers, we can't give you any guarantee. As you know , hair is the finest part of our body which needs more care than any other part.

Q:16 Why sometimes hair is not full?
Ans: Our all hair has same weight. which is 95-105 gm. Actually as the length increases, width decreases because we maintain the hair weight. We sell by measuring weight. As longer sized hair has more weight so its width is lesser but weight will be same.

Q:17 Sometimes we find that there is too much short hair inside, why?
Ans: We use only Remy hair ( single head shave) to produce our products, Any person head can't have the same hair length. They are longer at the back & shorter in the front. We buy raw hair, one bundle from one person head. All hair is of the same length, it doesn't look natural. But as compare to other companies. HSE gives you complete voluminous wefts.

Q:18 Do lace wigs shed also?
Ans: In Full lace wigs, single hair is been knotted at very minute distance, if we comb the hair hard on the net, it can break as net is very thin cloth with minute holes on which hair is been knotted, we should comb lace wigs in a slanting manner so that comb doesn't touch the lace, During washing also. Hair shouldn't be scrunch hard on the lace. HSE lace wigs do not shed, they are knotted perfectly by efficient workers, you can check yourself by pulling single hair from lace. The hair will not come out easily.

0:19 Can we use hair dryer to dry the hair?
Ans : Hair should dry naturally , sun dry is the best way to dry the hair. Heat is the biggest enemy of the hair, blow dryers give direct heat to the hair, which makes hair dry. Extensive water exposure will looser bonding through so dry carefully while using hair dryer. So you can use it but not frequently.